The Holocaust Isn’t About Your Zionism, Wall Street Was A Slave Market, And Other Yom Hashoah Thoughts

Hey allll. The blog is semi-back because I wanted to talk about Holocaust pedagogy and the political implications of what we say today. Today my Facebook newsfeed is full of people telling stories or making political statements and that's legitimate, but I just wanted to chime in with some of my own core rules of... Continue Reading →

The Definition of Dissociate: For When They Compliment You on Your Weight Loss

When I am well, I often think that one could not possibly lose a day, like one loses a bobby pin between the couch cushions.   Lose a week, like one leaves a bag at the mall. Lose even years, like old love letters under the bed.   And yet I find the evidence, like... Continue Reading →

On Sadness Porn And My Disdain For Literature

I have never really like literature. I know. I know what you're thinking. Um literature spans huge amounts of space and time that's not even possible define ur terms plz. Fine. I mean literary fiction, I mean "the classics." Classics are classics for a reason, you say. Are they though? I mean, they are in the sense that... Continue Reading →

Self Care; Or: How To Person

[Note: I wrote this post mostly to articulate and archive these ideas for myself. Meaning, I didn't edit the lists I wrote last night in hopes of keeping this more readable. I also put in a lot of fun mental health comics for illustration (that you should totally read more of) just because I thought... Continue Reading →

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